Prepare your parents to accept help

Accepting help at home and especially with personal care is not a pleasant decision for anyone.

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The idea of accepting help at home and especially with personal care is not a pleasant decision for anyone.

In fact, it can even be very difficult at times and the elderly are no exception to this.

In the event that they are reluctant to accept this help, it is important that their family members understand and respect their decision. It is important to institute appropriate care as soon as possible. This should be done in a way that facilitates this change in their lifestyle.

It's often a good idea to start with less intrusive visits. Accompaniment to appointments, household chores, grocery shopping, etc. This is to facilitate the transition to care services.

The changes can be very uncomfortable for older people. Take note of the following suggestions:

  • After introducing to the idea of home care, give some time to accept it.
  • Offer a trial period. They might be more inclined to accept help from a caregiver for a trial period. Particularly knowing that they can decide themself to continue or to stop everything.
  • Sometimes parents are more open to accepting when the idea of having a caregiver is presented as being supportive for you rather than for them.
  • It is often appropriate to start the caregiver with household chores rather than more personal care services.
  • As confidence sets in, slowly introduce other tasks like personal care.
  • Show your parents all the possible options by visiting seniors' residences. They need to be aware and informed of their different options. As the majority of older people prefer to stay at home, they may more easily accept the help offered to be able to stay in their home.
  • The doctor is a health care professional that people generally trust. Ask their doctor to advise them to seek outside help. As people tend to follow their doctor’s advice, they may accept outside help more easily.

Our approach to home care

Since 2013, Alliance Santé has been dealing with the resistance of its clientele to accept outside help.

Most of the time, it is a family member who requests our services, most frequently a child of our client.

The problem they often encounter is that their father and/or their mother do not accept any help at home when they really need it.

Alliance Santé always starts by offering the family a free consultation.

During this consultation, we have a one-on-one conversation with your parents to try to fully understand their concerns, their fears and their resistance to receiving help.

Our goal during this interview is that our clients understand that our services are there to help them maintain their independence and not take them away.

In addition, we also assure them that they will hold the decision making at all times.

Our staff is trained and accustomed to dealing with such situations. Although these discussions are never easy, we generally succeed in gaining the confidence of our clients. This helps them feel more comfortable with the idea of receiving help in their home.

Partnership and references.

The Goverment of Quebec offers the credit for home support for seniors to reimburse part of the amouts paid by a senior to stay in their home.

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